The apparition
Veröffentlicht auf 'Chapter One'
This nightmare comes back almost every night
And I can't stand it anymore
All those creatures and monsters
Are grumbling in my head
Someone please help me to get through...

I got stoned on all the voices
I fear the morning light
And I am losing control
They killed my illusions
(now) just look me in the eyes
someone please help me to get through...

Let me be your guiding light
And I will shine for you
When the darkest night begins
I am protecting you
If you just believe cause I'm your angel
- have trust in me

I run through the streets tonight
sweat on my skin
And I break down in the dirt
A sudden thunder, a rainbow
A whisper next to me
Can you please help me to get through?
Text: Tina "Thalia" Schindler - Musik: Martin Schindler