Kill the pain
Veröffentlicht auf 'Negativ'
I can feel a silent pain
And a sadness deep within
When it seems that's all in vain
Then my life is just a sin
I am longing for a place
Of delight and quietness
But continual despair
infiltrates my consciousness

When I loose myself in thoughts
I'm so far away from earth
But I hear the sounds of laughter
And the cry of the black birds
When I loose my inner force
(And) all my confidence is gone
I am waiting for the dark
I am waiting for someone

You kill the pain for me
And clean my heart with love
You kill the pain for me
And you fight death with love

When the difference fades away
Between hope and destiny
I have reason to believe
That you're my last sanctuary
When the world reveals itself
As a place of great unrest
Then you keep the harmony
And you break my bitterness
Text und Musik: Martin Schindler